New Frontpage article: Why Diversity always means quotas

I explain why campus diversity is always code for quotas –

“When a college administrator says that it is unacceptable for the proportion of under-represented groups to fall below a certain threshold, for all intents and purposes, he is calling for a quota.”

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New American Thinker article: The Delusions of Anti-Israel Conservatives

My new American Thinker piece explains why anti-Israel conservatives are every bit as delusional as the Left –

“Anti-Israel conservatives seem largely motivated by two things: an underestimation of Israel’s growing strength, and a naïve romanticization of the Palestinian cause. Israel’s comparative advantage over her enemies has continually shocked the world. In 1960 Egypt’s total GDP was one and a half times larger than Israel’s, today Israel’s total GDP is larger. It should be noted that Egypt’s population is more than ten times larger than Israel’s, and Egypt may be one of the better-run Arab countries.”

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Why the supreme court decision in Schuette v. Coalition may disappoint conservatives

My new American Thinker blog article is up,

Unfortunately, the appellate court’s decision to strike down Michigan’s ban had basis in precedent. Hunter v. Erickson established something known as process doctrine, which holds that laws which reorder the political process to obstruct the ability of minorities to enact legislation violate the equal protection clause.

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My new American Thinker post on Schuette v. Coalition

“The Supreme Court will soon issue a ruling in Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action by Any Means Necessary. A federal appeals court ruled that Michigan’s proposition two ballot initiative, (banning racial preferences in university admissions and hiring), violated the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment. The federal appeals court reasoned that the Michigan voters had significantly reordered the political process to disadvantage minorities. Attorney Mark Rosenbaum summed up the argument this way…..”

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