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Two short blog posts about UVA

A quick note to readers – I’ve been covering the allegations of rape at UVA, (now falling apart), for the American Thinker, two short blog posts below –

Men get fat shamed too!

Just a quick note to readers of this blog, which if the stats provided by word press are accurate aren’t many, I came across a link to an article titled “sexy celebrities with hideous spouses.” The link beside the image pictured a very obese man with an attractive woman –

I ask readers, what would the reaction of feminists be if the roles were reversed? If we referred to a very large woman married to a “sexy celeb” as hideous, how would feminists respond? My guess is they would be outraged by the “body shaming,” and claim that the website was promoting eating disorders. A bit of perspective ladies.

Edit: No, I do not resemble this man, and am not in fact fat at all; however, one doesn’t need to be fat to note the hypocrisy.